sailing03Business leaders often use nautical terms to describe the way they guide their businesses. We like to think that we are helping our colleagues “Chart the Seas of Success” by familiarizing them with the tools of business analogous to the Captains and Navigators on the oceans.

Corporate financial statements are sometimes obscure, but like the dead reckoning used to plot where we have sailed, the financials make sure we know where we are and give us insight into how to avoid potential dangers ahead. They are analogous to the Latitude, Longitude, speed over ground, direction and distance traveled.

Our tools will include: Business Economics, Ratio Analysis, Costs, Responsibility Accounting, Budgeting-Profit Planning, Sources & Uses of Cash. Without these tools we will not be able to properly navigate even in calm seas much less the stormy seas we face now.

Another tool in our sea-bag is our affiliation with Vistage International.
We convene advisory boards comprising business owners, company presidents, chief executives from non-competing businesses.

You will be able to reach us by e-mail at Charting Success; or by phone at 949-715-7608. Click on the “Contact Us” tab to find more contact information.

bethAdkissonBeth Adkisson has been a Chairman for Vistage International since February 2001. Vistage International is the leading executive membership organization in the world. She provides leadership development for CEOs and business owners by facilitating peer advisory groups of CEOs and by conducting one-to-one coaching sessions with these top executives…. READ MORE!

merrick-leckeyRick Leckey has been a CEO, business owner, author, consultant and investor for more than 40 years. For many years he was primarily in the hotel business as an owner/operator. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration from Washington State University,an M.B.A. in Finance and Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Michigan State University and is a Certified Public Accountant…. READ MORE!



Invest in Yourself; Invest in your Business

  • Optimize financial information to support your management decisions
  • Understand:
  • compass03Business Economics
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Costs
  • Responsibility Accounting
  • Budgeting-Profit Planning
  • Sources & Uses of Cash

Our interactive, highly-focused workshops will provide answers to understanding your company financials.  Analyze actual financial statements.  Receive a Notebook that cover the material and captures the Workshop Sessions.

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FacilitationThe art and science of bringing together people to create a shared purpose and the opportunity to realize more successfully their mutually agreed upon, clearly defined goals and objectives, producing a clearly understood and integrated plan of interaction.

navigation01This is the philosophy that guides Charting the Seas of Success in driving successful Strategic Planning outcomes. Beth Adkisson and Merrick W. (Rick) Leckey created Charting the Seas of Success to bring our skills as facilitators and our business acumen together to guide management teams in charting their course and reaching their destinations.

The two of us, working as a team, create an environment that fosters communication that is comfortable and challenging, constructive and candid, and team and company centric.  This atmosphere produces Strategic Plans with clear and mutually agreed upon goals, objectives and executable actions.

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