Week of September 19, 2016 

“Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter.” 

Stephen King

American Novelist,

  Author of “Carrie,” “The Shining”  and “Hearts in Atlantis” 

Got “Why”

Simon Sinek (see his five minute TED Talk)  and other mentors to entrepreneurs advocate the need for a passionate, compelling “why?”.   Steve Jobs wanted to put a “ding in the universe”;  Bill Gates wanted “to put a computer on every desk.”  These “why’s” inspired whole companies and industries and created much of the economy we know today.

Sometimes the “why” is, literally, much closer to home.   Remember the successful “Got Milk?” advertising claim?    That question became the compelling “why” of a famous prize fighter during the Depression.  His “why” may seem far less aspirational then that of Jobs or Gates, but in its way, far more inspirational.    This brief article shares the boxer’s story and makes the vital point that your “why” need not inspire anyone but you

Put the “Bard” on Your Board?

Williams Shakespeare was one of the most successful and well known writers of all time, achieving literary immortality through plays like “Romeo and Juliet” or “Hamlet.”  But it turns out that the “Bard of Avon” has some lessons to share in the commercial arena as well.  And why not?  Shakespeare was nothing if not creative; and entrepreneurship at its heart is about creativity.

Take a moment to review this brief “Shakespearean Guide to Entrepreneurship”  in which one writer suggestsseven lessons for entrepreneurship distilled from a remarkable career.   It’s too late to put the Bard on your board, but these lessons may be the next best thing!

A Social Media Primer


There are so many choices in the realm social media that it can be difficult understand the differences between them.  The following graphic may help you!

Econ Recon: Weather or Climate? 

Another turbulent week in the markets; but confusing the stock market for the “real” economy is like confusing the weather for the climate.   Economist Brian Wesbury has some clarifying comments and urges us to focus on Fundamentals, Not Headlines. 

How to Sell Anything

Tomes have been written about the art and science of selling.   One page can’t capture everything you might need to know about selling; but this one is a great start!


Shameless Self Promotion Department:  Outsider to Insider in Eight Months

The CEO is the only person in the company who doesn’t have a peer.   (This is why it’s lonely at the top).  This one page article from INC shares the story of a CEO, a self-described introvert,  who joined a Vistage group and how his fellow CEO members went from “outsiders to insiders” in a matter of months.   Who’s advising you, with no other agenda than to be helpful?