Week of August 15, 2016


“Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or

or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


Supreme Court Justice


C-Suites and the “Strong, Silent Type”

Most paths to executive success seem to presume that extroverts have the advantage.   Not so says recent research.  In a study of nearly 4,600 CEOs, the introverts turned in better results than extroverts.   Find out why in this short article that summarizes the results of the study and provides links to the research study.

The Cubs’ Real Problem

It is said Chicago has two perennial problems:  problematic elections and the Cubs’ one hundred and eight year long quest for a World Series pennant.  A writer for the Atlantic Monthly suggests a reason for the latter; namely that the Cubs’ fans are TOO loyal.  Find out more in this brief analysis “The Curse of the Loyal Sports Fan.”  Some lessons for management and parenting here as well.

The edge is the EDGE

 Everyone’s looking for an “edge;” that special place where they can see what’s coming before anyone else does.    The question is; are you looking in the right place?   Marketing master Seth Godin thinks that maybe the “edge” is the EDGE.   Check out a little wisdom in a few paragraphs. 

30 Paths to Value

At the end of the day, creating what someone wants is the reason every business exists.  We always seem to know it when we see, but struggle to create it ourselves.  This short HBR article “The 30 Things Customers Really Value” offers you a checklist of elements which address four basic needs that will help you think through a new offering…or fixing an old product or service that’s no longer delivering profits.

Econ Recon: “Seduction, not punishment” 

The presidential election is less than a hundred days away and the personal vitriol being exchanged by the major parties’ candidates gets in the way of clear information regarding their stands on key issues such as the economy.  When it comes to Mr. Trump, Brian Wesbury does his best to look past The Donald’s politics and personality, focusing solely on his economic policies in his latest Wesbury 101 video.   Find out what grade Dr. Wesbury assigns to Trump and why he advises the Republican candidate to focus on “seduction, not punishment.           

Make it a GREAT week