Week of August 8, 2016


The Price of Nice

It’s been said that we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  Legendary Alabama football coach “Bear” Bryant shares a compelling story of how simple courtesy, and keeping a small promise,  paid off big years later.  This one page article should be widely shared as it drives home the simple point that “nice costs nuthin”

Four Ways to a Second Chance

….and speaking of first impressions; we’ve all struck out at our first at-bat with a new relationship.  Many of us elect to bide our time, hoping it heals whatever wounds we inflicted on others or ourselves.   That’s actually a valid way of correcting a less than favorable first impression (sometimes); but what if it doesn’tHarvard Business Review also suggests there are three other strategies that may help.  Check it out.

Welcome to the Longevity Economy

The recession of 2008 left many Boomers postponing retirement and the Millennials wondering  when the Boomers would ever retire to make room for them in the workforce.  As it turns out, the Millennials may be more successful selling to the Boomers than replacing them.  This short article from the NY Times explores the huge opportunity that a large, long lived Boomer cohort represents for entrepreneurial Millennials.  Learn about the Longevity Economy and the young people who will dominate it .

Econ Recon: A recovery worthy of the name?

Stock market at new highs….another strong employment report. Does it really mean we’ll finally get a recovery worthy of the name?  Economist Brian Wesbury unpacks the latest numbers in his blog entry “July Employment.

Now THAT’s an Application Letter!

Sometimes a job applicant wants a position so bad they’ll go to some unusual lengths to secure it.    The person that wrote this letter may have gone a little too far!