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“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.”

Aubrey DeGrey

Author and gerontologist


  The First American’s Success Strategy

Benjamin Franklin has been called “The First American.”    By any measure, he was clearly one of the most successful people of his or any age.   How did he do it?  A recent one page INC Magazine Article offers one habit that contributed to Franklin’s considerable accomplishments that you can easily incorporate into your own life.  Learn a little bit about the “Five Hour Rule” …..assuming, of course, that you want to be successful! 

Big Data

(The Final and Somewhat Scary Part)

Technology Watcher Robert X. Cringely continues his series on the major trends in the sea of information we live in with the last installment of  Thinking about Big Data — Part Three (the final and somewhat scary part).    (Click these links for Part 1 and Part 2 of the series if you missed them last week.)   This is required reading for non-technology executives who want to understand the IT force that have and are driving your strategy and business model in the years ahead.  

Your Personal Titanic

It’s well known that an iceberg’s mass is mostly beneath the surface (remember the Titanic?)  The following graphic illustrates what most C-Level executives know about climbing the corporate ladder: The higher you go, the less you know.   Will this iceberg sink your ship?  What are you doing to uncover what you don’t know about your organization “beneath the waterline”?                                                                       

Econ Recon:

An Improving Trend:  Alan and Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics offer several points of economic interest that support their prediction of an improving economy in 2017.

….but a Lack of Confidence:  Vistage CEOs are starting to have some doubts about the economy.  Find out what your peers are thinking in this summary infographic of the latest Vistage CEO Confidence Summary (detailed results of the most recent CEO survey can be accessed by a link at the bottom of the graphic).