Why Join Vistage?
. . . a dozen business portfolio owners. Zero blind spots.

people_globeVistage delivers the vital perspective Business Portfolio Owners need to see the big picture, test ideas, overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. In a peer group environment, Vistage members engage in candid and challenging discussions under the facilitation of a highly trained Vistage Group Chair.

Business Portfolio Owners defined as:

Individuals that manage their portfolios of assets, such as multiple companies and/or real estate assets. They take an active interest in these assets but DO NOT operate any of them. The daily running is left up to their management teams. Their role is more visionary in scope. In many cases, these individuals have had a liquidity event.

Their portfolios of assets are not static. They are frequently forming new companies, divesting of assets and investing in other companies/assets. They are always looking for the next investment opportunity. They are active and not passive; they are interested in new business ventures, new opportunities.

Diversity – all ages, gender, ethnicity.

No geographic requirements. Members commit to travel to the host determined location.

Willingness of the member to:

  • engage actively and consistently challenge and be challenged
  • have a strategic/forward looking perspective
  • lifelong learners that thrive on sharing new and better ways to create success/or significance
  • seek growth and change to outperform personal and professional goals
    maintain confidentiality